Cuckolds know your place!

Cuckold Rules

Like most cuckold couples we have rules to which the husband must adhere too, or there will be punishments.

1. The cuckold cannot have any  sexual relations with any other woman apart from the cuckoldress, he must be loyal.

2. No sexual demands to be put on the cuckoldress, she calls all the shots.

3. The cuckold must obey all commands of the cuckoldress, no questions asked.

4. The cuckoldress can have as many lovers and sexual encounters as she wishes, with or without the pressense of the cuckold.

5. The cuckold cannot wank at all, cannot have sex off her, cannot have blow jobs off her, but he may have a wank himself if the cuckoldress thinks hes been a good boy and as a reward, and will always drink his cum as a thank you to his cuckoldress for letting him wank.

6. Must suck her lovers cocks and always swallow on command, by either the cuckoldress or the lovers.

7. The cuckoldress will only allow her cuckold to have blow jobs from her male lovers, and again must swallow his own cum.

8. The cuckold should always clean up the lovers cum from her with his tongue, and never let it go to waste, and always thank them for doing so.

9. The cuckold should alwats vacate the house if the cuckoldress requires privacy for herself and her lovers, and give her transport to and from her meetings.


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