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How I became Cuckold

I never knew that i was cuckold, because the idea of my wife fucking someone else would drive me to jealous, and i would not tollerate it, or so I thought, so this way of life was not expected. The wife did not have a high sex drive as it was, so I did not approach her much as I didnt like being rejected, so  now she felt undesirable due to this, and would try and wind me up by saying you knew someone who wanted to fuck her who she works with or who she said she had been talking to on the internet. She also said she did not like fucking me much as a had a small cock, trying as i thought to wind me up further. So I thought I would play fire with fire, and said go on then get fucked by someone else, basicly calling her bluff, as I thought she would just back down, and I thought she did as she said nothing for days about this.

Until friday came, she told me she had been talking to someone over the internet and wanted to go out that night and fuck him, I thought she was joking, but she then proceded to go to the bathroom and started running the bath, and shouted downstairs that I was to give her a lift to the pub to meet him, before shutting the door.

Shit! I thought, she means it, I was confused at this point, jealous but with a hard on, what was happenning, I shouldnt be jealous of her fucking someone else while having a stiff cock, this wasnt normal, was it? When she had finished her bath, she shouted me upstairs to the bedroom, and asked me to help her fastern her basque, I was fucked off with this as i had bought her it to wear for me, but refused too as it looked tarty. She looked fucking good, i begged her not to go out, and stay in and i would do anything for her, i would fuck her any way she wanted, looking at her in the basque just made my cock harder. She just laughed at me and said tauntingly ‘you want to fuck me any way i want with that small cock which i have got bored of, when i can go out and fuck a fresh bigger cock, and you cant stop me anyway bacause if you think you can stop me tonite, think again, i will just get fucked in our bed when you are out at work’

She was rite i couldnt stop her, so i had to let her go out,but then again i was getting hard thinking about her fucking again, maybe i would like it, maybe she would back out, whoes knows, we would soon be finding out.

I dropped her off at the pub to meet him as agreed, and she gave me a cheeky smile before i drove off home, waiting with my mobile, as she said i had to pick her up later. I sat at home, and the minutes turned to hours thinking of what they were up to, was she sucking him? i hope not, as she hadnt blew me off for months as she said she had always hated it and would never do it again. Fuck it i was worried, so I text her ‘u ok’

She text me back saying she was ok and pissed and had gone back to his place but nothing had happened yet. At least she was ok and not fucked him, still confused i didnt know if i wanted her too or not, but my cock was telling me a different story. A bit later a panicked and text her saying that i would pick her up as it was doing my head in, and needed to know where he lived to pick her up.

She said noooooooo chance as she was having a good time and having a laugh, and had not fucked him yet anyway so no need to worry. I text again and again pleeding with her to come home and each time she said no, and in the end the texts coming back had stopped, until one came back in frustration ‘ im staying here for a bit longer cause i’ve seen his cock and i’m about to get fucked by it, so go away’

I was in shock, so i rang her instead, but she wouldnt answer it, so i kept ringing and ringing, but still no reply, the bitch was fucking him while the phone was ringing next to her. How could she, wait till i see her, i’ll go nuts with her. Minutes lasted longer longer, until eventually she rang me and told me to pick her up, and i couldnt drive quick enough, and sat outside a pub waiting for her to come, it took her a further 15 mins to get to the car, where i was going nuts. As i saw her walking towards me, her hair was obviously ruffled and her face was flush, and she was walking strangely, like she had had a good fucking, with a smirk on her face.

As she got in the car i was just about to give her a mouthful, when she put her hand on my crotch and began rubbing, and said she loved getting fucked by a big hard cock knowing that i couldnt stop her, and the more the phone rang, the harder the other man fucked her, as he knew that it was the husband on the other end. She then said that she and her now boyfriend had decide that it would be a regular thing, and that they would be fuck buddies, and would meet every friday at least, and i would have to take her there and pick her up.

When we got home i was horny as fuck, and she knew it. ‘you still wanna do what ever i ask’

‘yeh’ i said with eagerness

I thought at last some action, and she led me upstairs to the bedroom, and began to undress and laid on her back, so i got undressed and was just about to get on top of her and fuck her, when she shouted ‘NOOOO, what you think you doing, i’ve been fucking all night by a big cock, i dont need any more cock especially that small thing, get you head between my legs and lick me bitch’

I started licking her and she tasted ‘different’ and she seemed to like this a lot more than normal and you could see her with her eyes shut, obviously thinking about HIM. Eventually she came again and agian and had had enough, ‘got off i’ve finished’

I thought at last now i might get something, ‘could i have a blow job, please i’,m gagging’ i asked.

She began laughing out loud, she then told me to get on my back, and i thought ‘YES’ at last its gonna get sucked. She began rubbing my balls and penis reminding me how small it was, and told me that she loved sucking a big cock for a change, especially when i went to pick her up and was sat waiting for her outside for 15 mins for her, thats when she got a real buzz sucking his cock.

She then said she had sucked enough cock that night and would have to sort myself out, as she was never ever sucking me again, she then order me to wank myself off repeating the words ‘ i’m a small cock spunk drinking wanker, i’m a small cock spunk drinking wanker’ to myself while doing this until i came, and to spunk up over my pillow and go to sleep on it.

This i began to do, wanking myself off, repeating the words again and again, then she turned around and said ‘ good night you small cock spunk drinking wanker’ with a chuckle.

i did as she asked, and slept in my own spunk. This was just the beginning of our new way of life.


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Hello to all cuckoldresses

Welcome to cuckoldresses, a site were all women are in charge of there husbands, as it should be, where the husbands sex life, or no sex life is in the the hands of the cuckoldress.

She has the choice with who, when and where she has sexual relations with, and not necessarily with the husband, and he shall have a much of or little as the cuckoldress will allow

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