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Cuckold Forced Bi Stories

I remember when my hot wife the cuckoldress use to give me blow jobs, that she she could persuade me to do anything, she used to get me to repeat that ‘ i want to suck cock ‘. Will it looked very soon that I might be doing just that!

She had organised for us to go out that night, she said she had arrange to go and watch two TV’s suck cock and all the rest, and that i should take her there and keep her company, as she had always wanted to watch 2 men. When we arrived we were offered drinks and sat down, and in front of  us the two TV’s were flirting with each other, then the hot wife told them to suck each others cocks, with that, one got on their knees in front of the other and began sucking the others cock. Well the face on the hot wife was pure amazement, looking closely then looking round at me, then looking back again, ‘ God I love men sucking their owns cocks, thats how it SHOULD be’. Being a dominant person the hot wife found she could tell these TV’s to do anything, and they would oblige. During this time she seemed to get a buzz out of the fact the cuckold was feeling unnervy with all of this happening around him, but he had no choice. She then ordered one of the TV’s who we will call ‘N’ to kiss her feet, he then got on his knees and began doing so, and her face looked very empowered. She then gestured the other to come over, and told me very sternly to give her room, so I had to move away from them all, but still within arms length. She then began kissing the other one who we will call ‘Z’, and he then started caressing my wifes breasts, so I thought I would try and feel them, with which she said ‘Get your hands off me, did i say you could touch’ and slapped my hand.

Z continued feeling my wifes breasts, knowing that he could and I wasnt aloud too, made him smirk now and again, then to rub things in even more he began to suck her nipples while looking at my face. The hot wife now had two men caressing her with the cuckold not being able to do a thing about it, or even touch her.

She then decided to go up stairs to the Toilet, and within 5 minutes shouted down ‘Are you all coming up’ When we all got up there she was laid on her back naked on a bed, and she summoned the two tv’s on the bed with her while I stood at the edge of the bed. They all began to kiss and grope each other again, and then the cuckoldress ordered me to strip off, which I did as she was my boss. She then ordered me to lay down on the bed on my back and told me to suck a cock, but i just couldn’t bring myself to do it, and her face looked angry and dissappointed. ‘Right I’ll sort this out’

Knowing from before that when she sucked my cock that I would do anything for her, and use to repeat to her that ‘ i want to suck cock’

She then told then other 2 men to move away a minute, then started to suck my cock, and within just a minute, she had me repeating what she had trained me to say when she sucked my cock, ‘I want to suck cock ‘ i said

Then Z put his cock near my mouth, and being turned on my my hot wife giving a blow job, willing took his cock in my mouth and sucked away, feeling his balls at the same time, absolutely loving it, and repeating ‘I love sucking cocks’ The hot wife then said ‘ get use to it, your now a cock sucker, when i say suck cock, you suck cock’ and i answer that i would.

She then gestured N to suck my cock, so she just backed away and stood over the bed, and N began to suck my cock, which at first i didnt realise that she had stopped sucking, it was only when i went to look at her sucking me, that i realised that it was the other TV sucking me and she was just watching us all, so now all three of us  on the bed were sucking each other cocks. ‘God I love watching men suck cocks, and you cuck will only have your cock suck by another man, and will suck cocks on my command, you cock sucker’

From then on the hot wife was taken from behind by the TV’s, as the cuck was never aloud to fuck her, but had to keep sucking any spare cock around, and was even told to get in a 69 position with one.

Eventually while on my back N was sucking my cock and put a condom on my cock using his mouth, and then started to fuck me while i was sucking the others cock, and agin the hot wife stood back and watched.

Eventualy the cuckoldress had had enough and she told the cuck to take her home as she had had enough cock in her that night, knowing that the cuck will never have that pleasure with her.

On he way home she said ‘Get use to sucking cock now, you cock sucker’

Now she had trained me to be a cock sucking whore


October 9, 2008 - Posted by | Cuckold Forced Bi Stories

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